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The real benefit of the FinanceHub™ is not in the addition of the website component alone, but in the sales and marketing support after. We have increased both the foot traffic to our website as well as the overall closing percentage by offering in-house financing.

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Clone Office Cubicles: Factory Direct Office and Call Center Cubicles

Defining space since 1985, Clone Office Cubicles has been the factory direct source for new office cubicles. Celebrating 27 years of offering wholesale office furniture to the public.
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Clone Office Cubicles Forms New Leasing and Financing Partnership

Clone Office Cubicles is a leading worldwide provider for office furnishing and installation. In what started as an office furniture moving and installation business specializing in cubicles, they have expanded their product line to include walls, lighting, flooring and more.

FREDERICKSBURG, TX (APRIL 18, 2011) Clone Office Cubicles aligns with a premier equipment leasing and financing firm to provide easier access to their products and services around the globe.

The new partnership will allow Clone Office Cubicles to continue increasing their presence in the office furnishing and installation industry. By offering easy leasing and financing options, they are able to further provide their products and services to a variety of businesses everywhere.

“The value of our company is built on the services we strive to bring to our customers,” said Denise Abrams, a Clone Office Cubicles executive. “Through our new partnership with one of America’s fastest growing private equipment leasing and financing companies, our products and services are more readily accessible to a wider range of businesses.”

The company serves as a factory direct source for new office cubicles by providing their products wholesale to the public. Eliminating the middleman not only saves their customers 80% off retail value, but also delivers the product in a quick and timely manner. By now offering financing and leasing options, Clone Office Cubicles continues to supply the increased demand for top quality products and services in an easy and affordable way.

“Our customers will now have a simple means of financing complete office furnishing, whether it be doors, file cabinets, office chairs, desk work surfaces, or even fully assembled cubicles,” Abrams said. “The possibilities are endless at this point, and we hope to fully utilize these new leasing and financing opportunities.”

Clone Office Cubicles was founded in 1985 and has been providing their customers with the best in office furnishing ever since. After 27 years of operation, the Texas-based company has designed offices for a variety of different businesses, from stock brokerage firms in New York to a jungle resort in the Central American country of Belize.

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