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We have never provided a financing option to our customer before. But ever since we made the option available, more people are purchasing through traffic has increased greatly from their marketing campaigns…

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Equipment Leasing and Finance Activity on the Upswing

Confidence measurements continue to climb into February as 32% of customer respondents believe that acquisition through equipment leasing and financing is inevitable in 2012. This is up nearly 20% from customer survey results conducted in the first quarter of 2011.

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 27, 2012) The increase in equipment leasing and financing activity from customer respondents about the months to come match with the steady reports of industry growth and a rise in business confidence levels.

With the continued positive outlook and participant optimism of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation’s February 2012 Monthly Confidence Index (source), the once shaky foundation of business growth is starting to solidify. Industry leaders are expecting a strong growth trend throughout the remainder of 2012.

“Some of the factors that affected a stronger and earlier resurgence of capital equipment acquisitions include the still tumultuous European economy as well as the slow to recover construction and manufacturing industries,” says Bob Skibinski, CEO of Taycor Financial.

Traditionally construction and manufacturing sectors have comprised a large segment of the total volume funded in the equipment leasing and financing industry. However, in recent years they were amongst the hardest hit and most affected by the downturn in the economy.

“Both the construction and manufacturing verticals have historically had steady year over year growth in average transaction size as well as an overall need for growth. It was commonplace for many equipment leasing companies to entrench themselves in those two markets, but with recent hardships those companies that did not expand strategic alliances into other industry sectors are either gone or scrambling to play catch up,” said Skibinski.

The customer survey results indicate the continued growth of the information technology and medical equipment sectors as the most active amongst positive responders.

Skibinski added: “Today, our portfolio is more diverse than ever. The learning opportunities as well as the security of a multi-industry alliance ensure our ability to advance the most innovative, and customer focused equipment leasing and financing programs to support the growth of all our partners.”

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