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Our FinanceHub has not only made leasing a much simpler process for our customers, but our foot traffic has doubled! The instant quote feature is great, I now know about sales opportunities that I was missing before integrating the FinanceHub

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Clone Office Cubicles: Factory Direct Office and Call Center Cubicles

Defining space since 1985, Clone Office Cubicles has been the factory direct source for new office cubicles. Celebrating 27 years of offering wholesale office furniture to the public.
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Starnet Data Design Inc

Starnet Data Design Inc. Helps Bring Businesses Into The Digital Age With Revolutionary Technology and Services

Getting your business to run effectively is challenging, especially in today’s market. In addition to the challenges faced in today’s global economy, maintaining networking and

technology solutions can be both complex and draining of your precious time and energy. Starnet Data Design is in the business of helping your business through advanced technology equipment and network services. Armed with their state-of-the-art technology equipment and their professional networking services you’ll be ready to tackle any technological challenge or need your business might have.

Businesses today are seeking integrated, cutting-edge technology solutions to help improve their efficiency and Starnet Data Design is there to make sure your business is run optimally. Starnet Data prides itself on being more than a typical seller of technology products, also providing an experienced team of engineers, business developers and service personal to help you acquire the right technology systems for your company, and keep them running efficiently.

Starnet has always been a name synonymous with innovation and reliability and with their latest HD videoconferencing and video streaming services they can help to bring businesses into the 21st century of professional business communication. High definition videoconferencing helps to “save time- save money” by reducing the need to spend on travel and make it easier for you to reach those whom your company relies on.

As technology becomes more powerful, and those who use it become proficient and plentiful, a rising concern needs to be addressed; the security of your data. Today’s data backup systems often rely on complex software routines or dated tape systems, but with the advent of cloud computing Starnet Data is able to ensure that your data is backed up quickly, easily and securely.  No longer is data protection a matter of simply keeping your data secure, but how quickly your business is able to recover from an act that deprives businesses of their data. Starnet Data provides companies with cloud based technology and security-ware to ensure that your business will never be blindsided by inaccessible or missing data. With next gen. firewalls and their Unitrends Single Appliance Solution maintaining your data has never been easier or safer.

All of these services and products come along with Starnet Data’s unparalleled service and support staff, helping you figure out how to best utilize technology for your specific needs. Now, with financing from Taycor Financial, bringing your company to the future of data management, protection and communication has never been easier.

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